Mother’s Day at Mickey’s House

We didn’t actually go to Mickey’s house, but you get the point: we’re in Disneyland! In an uncharacteristically spontaneous move, I booked this trip a mere three weeks ago. I meant it to be a surprise for Chris’s birthday in June, but the dates worked out better to go in May, and it just happened to work out that our first day at the parks was Mother’s Day. For celebrating the joys of family, I can’t think of a better place to be.

And we had a FANTASTIC day. There were a few glitches (Justin and I both found the Matterhorn way too rough; Indiana Jones broke down three-quarters of the way through our ride and we had to get out and walk the rest of the way) but they didn’t really drag us down, especially since the Indiana Jones people gave us a Fastpass to be used for a ride of our choice.

I was surprised to see what a difference a year makes. Last year the kids were Star Wars-obsessed and insisted on riding Star Tours over and over again. This time around, the big hit is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (to be fair, it was closed on our trip last year), a thrill ride through a mine shaft that Chris and I both loved on our original trip 13 years ago. Brayden loves all the rides, but Justin has issues with a few; I was happy to see how excited he was about that one.

Another big difference is our endurance level: the boys had no trouble staying at the parks until 9 pm or so after having a break at the hotel in the afternoon, whereas last year they were DONE by 3 pm. We also have park hopper passes this time, which allowed us to spend most of the day at Disneyland but then hop over to California Adventure for the evening. Everyone should get a chance to see Cars Land all lit up with neon. We even managed to ride Radiator Springs Racers after dark — WAY cool.