Back on Track at Disney

I had two goals today:

1. Keep Justin happy.
2. Get at least one photo of the four of us together.

After yesterday’s trauma, I really wanted Justin to have a good time today. That meant technology. We let him play with Chris’s phone whenever we had to stand in line for more than a few minutes. We’d been doing that a bit anyway, but we mostly tried to avoid it cause we were afraid he wouldn’t want to give it up. This was day 3 of standing in the heat, however, so we were much quicker to whip out the electronics. Goal #1 was a success.

So naturally Brayden turned out to be the bigger problem. His morning did not start well: he and Chris rushed off to the Matterhorn when the park opened, only to discover the ride was broken. Then they were halfway through Buzz Lightyear when it broke down too. (Seriously, Disney?)

The four of us did Star Tours together, which was good, but when we tried to rush off to Splash Mountain, Brayden insisted on taking time to build a custom droid in the Star Tours gift shop. Normally I would’ve said no, we need to go…but he got rushed out of the same gift shop yesterday, and he was having such a crappy morning, and I felt like I owed him something. So we waited. It meant a slightly longer wait at Splash Mountain, but a much happier Brayden, so whatever.

The get-a-family-photo goal worked out too. We finally got one just after we finished Splash Mountain, when Justin was thrilled that he got drenched (which is especially noteworthy cause last year he wouldn’t get on a water ride without a poncho to protect his clothes) and Brayden was equally thrilled that he barely got wet. Good times.

We also met Captain America, rode Big Thunder for a fifth time, and did Toy Story Mania (Brayden was grumpy after that one cause I got a better score than he did…but ice cream cures all ills) and Soarin’ Over California. We ended our very long day at the parks by watching the Aladdin stage show, which we all agreed was awesome, not least because we could sit in an air conditioned theatre for 40 minutes. Ahhh.

Another great vacation done. Home tomorrow…