The Teachers Strike: Day 75

This is the 75th straight day of no school. Even if by some miracle the new year starts on schedule next week, the kids will have been out of class for 80 straight days. You know how many things can be forgotten in 80 days? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. We’ve been playing Yahtzee to practise math, and using our interactive globe to practise geography, and reading lots of books to practise literacy…but I’m so done. These guys need to get back to school. Or at the very least, they need to get AWAY FROM ME.

I’m not the only one who’s had enough of the extended break. Justin’s been talking about wanting to go back for a couple weeks now. Brayden’s looking forward to seeing all his friends again. Heaven knows, if this strike drags on much longer, we won’t be friends with each other anymore.

Phileas Fogg went around the world in 80 days; I’m about to go round the bend. Here’s hoping they settle this thing soon.