Spring Break Survivors

The constant family togetherness of spring break is finally behind us (at least until Friday, when the kids begin a four-day Easter weekend…sigh). It wasn’t all bad: we visited with friends, hiked through the park, went to the library, saw a movie, etc. I even told my mother how impressed I was that the kids could do their own thing for long periods or play some grown-up board games with me. I didn’t have to pack lunches, check homework or drag anyone out of bed. Ahh.

Things got ugly by the middle of the second week, though. It rained for a few days, Justin was getting up at unholy hours and Brayden seemed to be on a mission to annoy his brother as much as possible. They bugged me when they fought (they were loud) and they bugged me when they were happy (they were still loud). Nerves were frayed. Nasty things were said.

But we survived. And in the ultimate irony, I almost had to wake Justin up for tutoring this morning. Yes. The kid who happily got up at 3:30 am during spring break slept until almost 6:30 the day he needed to be somewhere at 7:15.

Back to routine…