Memorable Mommy Moments

A church billboard I passed the other day reminded me to “collect moments, not things” when it comes to Mother’s Day. That’s sage advice, considering most of the “things” I’ve been given over the years have been teacher-mandated art projects for which I had to send money/supplies. So here are some mommy moments I’ve collected over the last little while:

At the fourth grade science fair, parents were invited to come and look at all the projects set up in the gym. I zeroed in on Justin, so proud to see him standing next to his (more like our) work…and he told me to move along. “Don’t stand here, Mom!” So heartwarming.

While I was cleaning the outside of our big second-floor bay window, clinging spider-like to the window frame to keep from plummeting to the ground, Justin leaned out the open window and complained, “Mom, it’s chilly.” He went to close the window and leave me stranded outside…until he saw the murderous look on my face, at which point he decided to just move to a different room. Score one for non-verbal communication.

At the Mother’s Day tea in Brayden’s class, the teacher read out introductions the kids had written about their mothers. Most kids said stuff like “my mom watches TV” and “my mom likes shopping”…and my son noted “my mom is a slow drinker.” (At least I wasn’t the poor woman who was told she was “a good bed lady.”)

So this Mother’s Day, I plan to bask in the obvious love my children have for me. Plus enjoy a good stiff drink.

Maybe I should get started now…