Through Aspie Eyes

You would think that after years of living with Mr. Literal, I would have learned not to assume he instinctively understands what most people instinctively understand. That I would realize he takes me at my word, not my meaning. That I would know to explain all those truths that seem self-evident.

But sometimes even I get tripped up.

The other day I was talking to Justin about the cruise we’ll be taking next winter. I showed him the deck plan of the ship and pointed out where our cabin was on Deck 2. Then I showed him pictures of all the cool things on the ship: the mini golf course and basketball court on Dec 12, the waterslide on Deck 13 that goes off the side of the ship and through one of the funnels, the freely available ice cream bar on Deck 11.

I thought he’d be thrilled, since he loves all that stuff. But he just looked glum.

“So is there anything cool on our deck?” he asked.

Then it dawned on me: he thought we weren’t allowed to go to any other part of the ship. He thought we were stuck down on Deck 2 while all the fun stuff was way up on top. Fair enough — he’s never been on a cruise ship. He doesn’t know how it works.

“Dude, the ship is like a hotel. You can go anywhere you want,” I pointed out.

His face immediately brightened. Then he stood up, wagged his finger in my face and said with a smile, “You didn’t tell me that.”

The things you don’t think you have to explain.