Hotels, Heat and Mob Hits: Day 2 in Vegas

If you think all five-star resorts have soundproofed rooms, you clearly don’t work in the hospitality industry. The yahoos in the room next to ours stumbled in around 6 am and spent the next 45 minutes whooping and hollering before presumably passing out. (It’s a good thing we passed out at 9:00 last night, or they might have actually woken us up.)

Those guys next door could probably use the Hangover Heaven service I saw advertised at the airport. For as little as $160, a van will come to wherever you are (hotel room, street corner, whatever) and provide you with a specially prepared blend of hangover medicine through an IV. “Dr. Burke and his team are experts at hangover cures and IV hydration,” according to the website. You can even pre-book a group session if you’re planning a big night. Only in Vegas.

Vegas is not all about casinos, of course. It’s also about the mobsters who used to control the casinos. We learned all about the history of gangsters in America at the Mob Museum today. I have great respect for the way Americans go all-out with the theming in their museums — they transform entire rooms into exact replicas of whatever theme is on display. They’re also fairly interactive. We got to stand in a police lineup, fire a machine gun, and sit in an electric chair. We also got to see the actual courtroom where the Senate hearings on organized crime took place in 1950 (the room still has the original furniture, including a bulletproof judge’s bench). I call that two hours well spent.

The guy handing out towels on the pool deck said it was supposed to be 105 degrees today. I assume he meant Celsius, since that’s about what it feels like. We walked around the Strip for a few minutes this afternoon and had to make a pact to stop complaining about how much we were sweating. Whew.

To the Grand Canyon tomorrow…