Hot Times on the Vegas Strip

I think the Vegas heat fried whatever brain cells we possessed when we left home. Somehow it seemed like a good idea to save the cab fare and just walk to the Atomic Testing Museum. In my defense, Chris had looked up the address and informed me it would be about a 10-minute walk. Turns out that was the driving time, not the walking time. We ended up walking 35 minutes each way. I really thought I was going to die.

And all that to get to a museum that bored me into a stupor. It might have been fascinating for anyone interested in the history of nuclear weapons in America, but I am not one of those people, and after walking so long in the heat I just wanted to sit down and never get up. Even Chris found it so-so. I can’t believe we paid more for that than for the Mob Museum the other day. Live and learn.

The day improved when we had a very nice lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. We relaxed, had a few cold drinks…and decided to walk around the south end of the Strip in what was probably the hottest part of the day. Brain damage is the only explanation.

We’re hoping to stay awake long enough to see the Strip all lit up in the dark, but given that it’s a 7-minute walk from our room just to the front door of the hotel, we may not have the energy to go exploring again.

Home tomorrow…