Scenes From a Swamp

High winds, pouring rain, not a speck of sun, and a three-hour time change messing with people’s sleep schedules. I’m so glad we came to Florida. Good times.

We actually did have a good time at Universal Studios today. The crappy weather meant there were virtually no lines, so we covered a lot of ground in very little time, and didn’t have to feel guilty about bailing early. We were completely and utterly soaked by the time we made it back to the hotel. I’m sitting in the room wrapped up in a fleece jacket instead of laying on a beach towel by the pool, but c’est la vie.

Tomorrow we board our Disney cruise ship to sail the western Caribbean. The forecast is for grey skies and a high of 10 C, but I’m hoping the ship will be so amazing that I won’t care.

Stay tuned…