Discovering Mexico

Having travelled extensively around the world, I have discovered two things about myself: I enjoy looking at really old rocks, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about art. Both of these things came into play on our tour of Cozumel today.

We started at the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. To be honest, they were a bit of a letdown, at least in terms of the tour. Our guide had much to say about a suitcase-sized rock that was used for crushing cacao, but made no mention of the house-sized temple standing beside it. The only bit that caught Justin’s attention was when the guide explained how the Mayans used to write numbers and do math. She used small words and spoke slowly and I still don’t have the faintest clue what she was talking about. Justin caught on pretty quickly, though. I sense a new obsession coming.

Then it was off to the Discover Mexico cultural park. We sat through a short video of images of Mexico’s sights and traditions, then walked through a museum of cultural artifacts. I tuned it all out, but the kids were surprisingly interested in some of the sculptures.

After a lunch of quesadillas and fries (yum!), the kids all got to take turns whacking at a colorful pinata. It still hadn’t busted after everyone had had a turn, so they asked for a volunteer father to finish it off, and Chris jumped at the chance. When it finally broke, candy scattered everywhere. Justin grabbed a couple pieces; Brayden filled his hat.

And that wasn’t even the end of the sugar rush. Our final stop was at a chocolate factory, where the kids did not care to try the free samples but insisted on spending $10 on chocolate bars in the gift shop. Naturally.

It’s pirate night on the ship! More on that tomorrow.

Now to Grand Cayman…