Presidents and Patriots: Our Day in Boston

This was a day about dead presidents. Having done most of the high-profile tourist stuff the last time we were in Boston, today we opted to see Peacefield (former home to President John Adams and his son President John Quincy Adams) as well as the JFK Presidential Library. After watching endless analysis of last night's Trump-Clinton debate while waiting for the tour to begin, I was more than ready to hear about a time when presidents actually inspired people.

We began at Peacefield, where four generations of Adamses lived from 1788 to 1927. This is actually the nation's oldest presidential birthplace. I was vaguely aware that John Adams had been the second president, and that his son went on to also become president, but I didn't realize John Quincy Adams served as a member of Congress for 18 years after leaving the presidency. He insisted to contemporaries that he didn't see it as a step down. Can't see that happening today.

We also explored the JFK museum. Much of the building has been done up to resemble the interior of the White House, complete with a replica of the Oval Office. The place is filled with Kennedy photos, artifacts and memorabilia; I really enjoyed seeing video footage both of JFK's speeches and off-the-cuff conversations with reporters. Good stuff.

The fun continues on the ship. After that country and western party the other night we decided to lay off the booze for a day, but then last night our team finally won a round of trivia (!) which came with a bottle of free champagne. Who are we to turn down free drinks? Tonight is some sort of marriage match game show, which should be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Now to Newport, Rhode Island…