Terror in a Toga

We had a most excellent evening in ancient Rome at this year’s murder mystery party. Battles and betrayal (not to mention bedsheets) abounded. Who could have guessed that bringing senators, merchants, and slaves together for a celebratory exhibition of gladiator warfare would lead to someone’s untimely death? Oh…right.

Decorating for this one was fairly easy. I rented some columns, bought lots of fake greenery, made a few paper torches, and turned a shower curtain into three wall banners that a friend of mine very kindly painted for me. I even used my wood burner and some styrofoam to make signs that looked like chiseled marble (did you know melted styrofoam gives off some seriously toxic fumes? Whew.)

We’ve done these parties for six years now (click here to see past posts) but it never ceases to amaze me how creative and innovative people get with their costumes. The charioteer arrived on a broomstick-chariot, the grand champion gladiator created a suit of armor that was 80 percent duct tape, and the lanista’s wife packed a teddy bear under her skirts to simulate pregnancy, thus inspiring a never-ending stream of bear jokes.

An awesome party!