Crossing the Pond

I wouldn’t have believed it could be so easy to a) get to Rome from Kelowna and b) conquer jet lag. Our flight schedule gave us only one hour to connect in Toronto, but everything went like clockwork and we basically walked off of one flight and onto the other. Amazing!

The next miracle was how we all got some sleep on the flight and managed to convince our bodies that an eight-hour time change was no big deal. We landed in the morning, had a quick nap at the hotel, and headed out to explore the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. I really feel like we’ve adjusted, but I guess time will tell.

We’ve been trying to get the kids to Europe for the past three years—so thankful we finally made it!

Serious touring starts tomorrow…

Brayden’s first taste of real Italian pizza
The hotel had bunk beds for the boys
The Pantheon, the best-preserved ancient monument in Rome
At the Pantheon
The oculus in the dome is the only light source
Brayden seemed to enjoy the history
We didn’t actually throw any coins into Trevi…does that mean we’ll never come back?

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