Baby Bonding

Three months ago, when I was exhausted and sore and having so much trouble breastfeeding, I actually resented Justin every time he got hungry. I couldn’t wait to pass him off to someone else and I just felt trapped. I’d been warned that bonding with the baby could take a while, and it did, but we’re there now. I leave for Vancouver in two weeks and I just can’t imagine being without that cuddly little body for six whole days. Even though I know he’ll be fine in the care of his dad and his grandpa, there’s always that nagging thought at the back of my mind that no one can really take care of him as well as I can.

Speaking of whom…Justin got lots of bonding time with his Kingwell grandparents while they were visiting over the past 10 days. My parents always say they wish they lived closer to us, but if they were here in town they’d never get the 24-7 kind of time with their grandson that they do when they come to visit. There’s always a tradeoff, I guess.