Dare I Say It?

Am I allowed to admit I’m often bored stiff being at home with my son? I know a lot of moms would love to be this bored (Justin is so easy to look after that I end up with a lot of time on my hands) but I swear, some days I feel like my brain is about to leak out my ear. It’s way better than it was when he was a newborn and couldn’t really do anything — at least now he grins and laughs and plays, and that is every bit as rewarding as they say. But I’m getting tired of always doing the same old things: going for walks, going to the library, going shopping, doing some yard work.

Besides just literally running out of things to do, I’m also feeling a great need to be mentally engaged in something. I read books and work on my scrapbook once in a while, but it would be nice to have more. I guess it’s a good thing that workshop in Vancouver is coming up soon.