Here’s Hoping

Two items to add to the list of Things Justin Has Never Done Before And With Any Luck Will Never Do Again:

1. At a friend’s potluck dinner on Saturday, Chris was holding Justin and we were all standing around in the dining room chatting when out of the blue, Justin threw up most of what he’d eaten that day. Chris took the biggest hit, but it was all over Justin’s clothes and the floor as well. The thing is, he didn’t cry or fuss either before or after. It was like it never happened. Bizarre.

2. He woke up screaming at 4:45 this morning. Chris and I both went in to calm him down and none of the usual tactics worked, so finally I sat with him in the rocking chair for a few minutes, and that seemed to relax him. I got him back to sleep at 5:00, thinking he’d likely sleep in after the interruption. Nope. He screamed again at 5:45 (this time I just had to rub his back a bit) and then again at 6:15. It’s gonna be a long day.