Baby’s First Christmas: Part One

Thanks to the fact that he has grandparents in two different cities, Justin gets to have two Christmases, the first of which was yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa Lee’s. He seemed to enjoy the festivities (he especially liked the wrapping paper with snowmen on it). He ate well, played lots and entertained everyone — in short, he was an angel.

We leave for Saskatoon on Friday. I’m looking forward to the trip, although I have doubts about whether Justin will manage to nap on the plane. Whatever was bothering him last week appears to have vanished — no more unexplained vomiting or early morning wakeups — so life seems to be back to normal. He’s still toothless, however, and we’re crossing our fingers that he doesn’t start cutting his first tooth the minute we get on the plane. Nothing like sharing the misery with a few hundred other people along the way, hey?

Happy holidays everybody!