Post-Holiday Post

While I still don’t think I’m really the type of person to do tropical trips, I did enjoy our time in the Caribbean. More specifically, I enjoyed the amenities on the cruise ship (most of which weren’t available on our Alaskan cruise cause it was too damn cold): we played tennis, made good use of the ship’s games room, went to a different Broadway-type show every night and ate whenever we wanted. All good. The islands themselves weren’t all that exciting to me, although swimming with dolphins on a Venezualan island was definitely a highlight.

Grandma and Grandpa Kingwell were fantastic babysitters, naturally, and they loved every minute (even if they went home exhausted this morning). While Chris and I were away, it was almost like our pre-kid days, so it was a little strange to come back to baby land — but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.