Going Jobless

This is my second day of being officially unemployed, and it’s really not bad so far. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better, so that helps. Except for the occasional screaming fit from teething pain, Justin’s been pretty good, although I’m still leery about the upcoming toddler years. My baby turns a year old next week — where does the time go?

There are exciting things to look forward to: my parents and both my brothers are coming to Kelowna for Easter, so that’ll be cool. Family visits are so much easier when we’re at home and Justin has his own crib, toys, stroller, etc. We should be golfing by then too.

My mom and I are off to London for a week this fall, which is really cool. I had suggested this trip without really expecting it to work out — I didn’t think Chris would be willing to stay behind, nor did I think Mom would be willing to take off with me when she could be here with Justin. But it seems Mom figures this is her only chance to see Europe, since Dad is not at all interested. This’ll be my third trip to London and there’s still a ton of stuff I haven’t seen. It’s one of my favorite cities in the whole world — this’ll be awesome!