Assessing the Damage

Well, it’s been three days since Brayden’s birth and everyone seems to be surviving. The hospital sent me home yesterday morning (less than 48 hours after my c-section…that sounds early, but it’s impossible to get any rest in the hospital and my doctor agreed that I’d be more comfortable at home). I’m mighty sore from the surgery, I’m still getting over that stupid cold that Chris gave me last week and I’m currently battling a bad case of engorgement (I gave up the breastfeeding yesterday), but things could be worse. So far at least, Brayden is an angel who never seems to fuss, and he pretty much just sleeps all the time — but he IS only three days old, so time will tell.

I’d planned on breastfeeding for at least a little while, but I certainly didn’t enjoy it any more than last time, and my doctor wondered why I was torturing myself. So we went to formula yesterday. My mom volunteered for baby duty overnight, and since I was no longer pregnant or nursing, I took a sleeping pill and crashed hard for the whole night — heavenly. On the down side, I’m feeling kind of useless cause I can’t really hold Brayden until my milk dries up (it hurts like hell when Brayden comes near me…how does the body just instinctively know when baby is near?) and I definitely can’t keep up with Justin.

It’s still early, but Justin seems OK with his little brother. We haven’t seen any signs of jealousy or resentment, but of course Grandma, Grandpa and Dad are all here and Justin isn’t having to compete for attention. He is, however, having sleeping issues. He recently learned how to open his bedroom door, and for the past few days he’s been refusing to go down for a nap (but then he zonks out around suppertime, which means he’s no longer tired when it’s time for bed). He also occasionally roams the house at odd hours of the night and someone has to corral him back into bed. We’re hoping it’s a phase, but we’ll see.