Family Matters

Obviously we’ve known for months that we were having another baby, but it still strikes me as bizarre to say I now have two children. That was always our plan, but it’s still a little strange to think that our family is now complete (which it definitely is, despite pleas from the grandparents). I’m the mother of two little boys — I just can’t get over that.

I keep waiting for Brayden to turn colicky or something; it’s hard to believe he could be such an easy baby (how did we get this lucky twice?) He has clear hunger cues (unlike his brother), he almost never fusses and he apparently likes to sleep for 22 hours a day. One of my fears about a second baby was that he/she would cry at night and wake Justin up; that’s really not an issue at this point, since Brayden is so quiet that the only person who even knows he’s awake is the one listening for him through the baby monitor. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe we’re just blessed.

As for me, I’m doing much better. The engorgement is over and done with, I’m off the painkillers and I’ve even managed to go for a few short walks. Chris and I have taken both kids to Justin’s play group, and to the library, so at least I’m getting out of the house. I look like I’m still four months pregnant (remember how all the weight I gained ended up right in front?), which is annoying, but we’ll see what happens by the end of the six-week recovery period. Cross your fingers for me!