Taking Stock

For a long time leading up to Brayden’s birth, I wondered if a second baby would rock our world the way the first one did. The answer to that is clearly no. True, we got off easy cause Brayden is such a good baby; it hasn’t been too hard keeping him happy. But I think the reality is that you just don’t sweat the small stuff the second time around.

I’m starting to make a list of the items we’ll have to bring with us when we fly to Saskatoon for my brother’s wedding next month. It might be easier to list the things we’re NOT taking. Travelling with Justin always meant bringing an extra bag or two, but we never flew with him when he was a newborn; I’d forgotten how much stuff a baby requires. In the carry-on luggage alone we need diapers for both kids, bottles, snacks, books, toys, extra clothes…the list goes on (sigh). But I guess it beats packing up the car and spending two straight days on the road.