Life’s Little Miracles

I thought we were in for some serious grief after we took Justin to the dentist today and she told us he would have to give up his pacifier since it was starting to affect the shape of his mouth. For the past year he’s only ever had the soother when he sleeps, and although logically I knew we’d have to wean him off it completely at some point, I was kind of hoping he’d give it up on his own. But that didn’t happen, so today we bit the bullet and hid it away. He kind of wanted it at nap time, but we distracted him with a stuffed animal, and he went to sleep with it instead (his nap was only about half as long as normal, but we thought that was pretty good considering). Then tonight Chris put him to bed with the animal again, and Justin didn’t even ask for the soother. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. I really expected him to put up more of a fuss, but he seems to be more adaptable than I thought. Awesome!