Family Wedding

Rob had a beautiful wedding ceremony, the food was delicious and the guests danced until well into the morning. Or so I’m told. I missed almost the entire thing cause I was off looking after my kids. Justin was too caught up in everything to take his afternoon nap, so I knew we were in for a long day. The ceremony was outdoors and it was quite hot, so shortly after the bride arrived I had to take Justin into Dad’s air-conditioned RV to cool off — and we ended up missing the whole ceremony. I did get to chat with some people in between the ceremony and reception, but just as they were getting settled for dinner, Justin fell asleep and Brayden decided he wanted his mom. So Justin napped in the RV, Brayden watched me from his car seat on the ground outside the van and I sat there with a crossword puzzle waiting for Chris to bring me a plate of food. We were so exhausted that we left even before the dance started (how were we supposed to dance if we had to watch an infant and a toddler?) We made it home by 9:30 p.m. but couldn’t get Justin to sleep until 11:30, and then Brayden wanted to eat at 2:30, and then both kids were up at 6…yuck.

However, things are looking up. We’re on day five of this Saskatoon trip and Justin has finally settled back into his regular sleeping schedule, which is good for everybody. The wedding craziness is also over so everyone is a lot more relaxed. Hopefully we can just enjoy ourselves for the rest of the trip. Cross your fingers for us!