The Honest Truth

It’s such a cliche, but it’s true: the second child just doesn’t cause the same level of anxiety. I’ve started leaving Brayden with the babysitting service at the rec centre while Justin has his play group there, and it’s working out really well. With the first baby, I was extremely reluctant to leave him with anyone, certain that he would be forever traumatized by being without his mommy for more than half an hour. With the second kid, I didn’t so much as get the name of the babysitter. I just dropped him off and fled. And you know what? He didn’t care.

Justin has recently become amenable to learning some of the things I’ve been trying to teach him for months: how to use a fork, how to drink from a real cup, even how to use the potty (we’ve got a long way to go on that one, but hey, one step at a time). I guess all toddlers do eventually grow up, although I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever miss the stage when they need Mom so much. It seems like a lot of work now, but I know a time will come when they won’t want me around at all — and that thought makes me hold them tight whenever I can.