Scary Stuff

I do enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. Really. But it’s not like every day is a bed of roses. Take today: my dishwasher’s broken, it rained all morning, Brayden skipped his morning nap and Justin refused to eat lunch. Both boys had better have a good snooze this afternoon or Mommy will go ballistic.

We didn’t do much in the way of Halloween celebrations. We originally thought we’d take Justin to the mall to do some trick-or-treating (we didn’t really have a costume for him, but he has a spider thing he likes to wear on his head, so that would’ve been OK) but the timing didn’t work. He didn’t seem all that interested in the kids coming to the door either. One of my pet peeves: why do all the dress-up holidays (Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s) have to happen in the winter? Growing up in Saskatoon, I remember so many Halloweens when our choice of costume was dictated by what would fit over our snowsuits.