A Grand Weekend

We had a highly successful visit with the Kingwell grandparents this past weekend. Justin is inherently shy, even with people he knows well, but he warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa pretty fast once they offered to play ball with him. Brayden flirted with stranger anxiety a couple months ago but seems to be OK with just about anybody these days, so all was well. The grandparents swore they enjoyed their time here but admitted they looked forward to going home to a quiet house where they could get lots of rest — I don’t know if it would be any different if we had girls, but our boys seem to be always on the go (particularly Brayden, who never ever ever stops moving). Both kids had some unsettled nights while our guests were here, but last night they both crashed for upwards of 11 straight hours — you gotta love that.

Part of why Brayden had such a good snooze is probably the fact that he had his first swimming lessons last night. I wasn’t there, but Chris tells me the little guy had a blast splashing around in the pool. Justin still likes to play in the water, but he stopped enjoying swim lessons about a year ago. I guess he’ll learn to swim when he’s ready.