False Alarm

Apparently the napping era is not quite over yet. Justin went exactly one day without a nap but has zonked out for a couple hours every afternoon since, so all’s well. I don’t take it for granted anymore, though, which I suppose is a good thing. We finally borrowed a trick from a friend of ours and turned Justin’s doorknob around so that it locks from the outside — that way we can confine him to his room at night. He still gets up at odd hours occasionally and we have to go deal with him, but at least we don’t get surprised by him crawling into bed with us at 3 a.m.

In Brayden news: he gave up the bottle this week and switched from formula to milk. He’s already taken his first steps and we expect him to really be walking any day now — yippee. I mean yes, that’s great, but he already gets into trouble every eight seconds or so and I don’t want to imagine what he’ll be into once he’s vertical full time. But at least it’ll mean I won’t have to carry him around everywhere.