Belated Birthday Notes

I’m three days late with this post (hey, he’s the second child — he’ll get used to it) but I finally have a chance to write about Brayden’s first birthday. His Kingwell grandparents were here, along with Uncle Dave, so there were lots of people showering attention on him. I think Justin was more plugged into the whole birthday thing than his brother was, but the little guy still seemed to have a good time. The cupcake was probably the highlight of his whole day. Good stuff.

I’m starting to wonder if Brayden will ever consistently sleep through the night. That kid has caused us more sleepless nights in the last six months than Justin has in his entire life. You could argue that he’s teething, or maybe having tummy pains, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The silver lining here is that Justin never seems to hear a thing, so he snoozes soundly all night (but wakes up at 6:00 raring to go…which sucks when we only get Brayden back to sleep at 5:30).

In other news…Brayden is walking fairly well now, so the potential for mischief has increased tenfold. I’m glad he’s growing up, but I kinda wish we could go back to the days when he was immobile. He can escape from his little bouncy chair, he screams bloody murder when you put him in the playpen and I can’t figure out how I’m going to contain him when I need to do things like step outside to barbecue. Sigh. But c’est la vie, I guess.