My New Title: Soccer Mom

Justin started a kick ‘n’ run soccer program last week and while he had a bit of a rocky beginning (he’s shy and didn’t really want to participate at first), he’s more into it now. It’s always tough starting him in new things cause he’s not really comfortable unless he knows exactly what to expect — but he gets that from me, so I totally understand. The program seems a little too structured for a three-year-old, but maybe that’s just me making excuses. We’ll see how it goes.

We had a whole crowd of family visiting us a little while ago. My parents were here for two weeks and my brothers popped in for a much shorter time (Rob and Janette flew out from Saskatoon to spend exactly 24 hours here). It was a treat to have everybody here, since that was the one day this entire year that we were all together (it’ll be a smaller crowd at Christmas). It actually felt a bit like Christmas, since that was also the one day this entire spring that it snowed all day. The kids had lots of fun with the relatives but Brayden had some truly terrible nights while people were here — which explains why Grandma and Grandpa were too chicken to sleep in the house and instead escaped to their RV in the driveway. Things have settled down since everybody left, though, so here’s hoping that trend continues.