Let It Snow

Just yesterday I was saying that I couldn’t believe December is just around the corner cause it still hadn’t snowed and temperatures were consistently above zero. That would normally be a good thing, but we bought sleds for the boys for Christmas and I was getting a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to use them. But it’s been snowing all day today, so at last I can believe the holidays are really approaching. I’m not a big fan of winter, but it does seem a lot less dreary when it’s at least white outside, even if the sun isn’t out.

Brayden is starting to make more distinguishable sounds, which is cool. Last night he said “mama” but he wasn’t even looking at me, so I don’t think it meant anything. He likes to point to things and then look at us like he’s expecting us to fill in the word for him. It’s very cute.

Both boys have always loved music, but lately Justin has started singing songs he’s heard on the radio or on Sesame Street or wherever. It was a little surreal the first time I realized he was singing an old Van Halen tune. His tastes are obviously shaped by what I let him listen to (i.e. MY favorite music) but his current favorites seem to be Old Time Rock and Roll and anything by Eric Carmen. He also has a collection of videos on the Sesame Street website that he and Brayden both love to watch — everything from Ernie singing about bathtime to LL Cool J doing a song about addition. I spend at least an hour every day dancing around the living room with my kids. Good stuff.