Happy Cuts

Brayden has always hated getting his hair cut. He objects far more to a haircut than he does to a needle in his arm. Unfortunately, his hair grows so fast that it has to be trimmed every month or so. This generally involves at least three adults, plenty of ear-splitting screaming and a very large tip for the poor stylist. So this time around we took him to a special hair salon that’s specifically designed for kids: the chairs are actually cars with steering wheels, there are TVs showing cartoons next to the mirrors and there’s even a ball pit for the siblings to play in while they wait. The stylist even produced toy cars and trains for Brayden to play with and gave me the task of blowing bubbles to keep him occupied. And lo and behold, the little guy hardly made a peep. (And Justin had a blast in the ball pit.) You’d think a place like that would cost a bundle, but it was only about $2 more than our regular salon. Awesome.