Random Things About Me

A couple friends sent me lists of odd facts about themselves on Facebook, so I finally decided to give it a try. Here it is:

1. I sometimes find it odd that I’m way more of a sports fan than my husband.

2. I’ve kept a personal diary for 20 years now that neither my husband nor my children will ever read. I do, however, plan to will it to my future descendants.

3. I hate tropical vacations. I would rather visit cities with historical sites and museums.

4. I don’t like to admit it, but my best friend is my mother.

5. I have a journalism degree, but I never read a newspaper and only occasionally check the news online. Perhaps this explains why I found it so hard to get that journalism degree.

6. I like to think of myself as creative and artsy, but in reality I’m very structured, orderly and organized. If I didn’t hate math so much I’d make a good accountant.

7. I secretly wipe Cheezie residue on my socks when no one’s looking. I only recently discovered that my dad does the same thing.

8. Despite the Cheezie thing, I’m actually quite a neat freak. I’ve had to let some of that go, however, since the kids came along.

9. I hate shoe shopping and I never notice what people have on their feet. I wish it could be acceptable to wear running shoes to any event.

10. Chocolate makes me sleepy. I don’t really enjoy eating sweets at all, but I’m a sucker for a bag of chips.

11. I have a green sweater that still looks brand new despite the fact that I’ve been wearing it for 17 years. Sadly, I have photos of me wearing it in high school, and in my engagement picture, and after my children were born…

12. I’m a huge history buff, particularly when it comes to the monarchies of the world. But I HATE the TV series The Tudors.

13. It really annoys me when people treat their pets as if they’re human.

14. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but I wish it was a job with a little more prestige.

15. I’m waiting for the coffee craze to pass so more people would realize it’s way better to just drink milk.

16. The only thing I know about wine is that it comes in white and red varieties.

17. All my favorite recipes involve cheese.

18. I’ve travelled so much that I’m running out of places I still want to see. Which is fortunate, since I now have small children and can’t go anywhere.

19. I don’t really know how to use my cell phone.

20. I find it hard to believe I used to routinely stay up until midnight or later when I was in high school and college. I rarely stay awake past 10 anymore. I blame my children for this.

21. I love useless bits of trivia. Sometimes I think I’d like to be a researcher for Jeopardy.

22. I know nothing about Harry Potter.

23. I don’t quite get why people want to work from home. I need to get out of the house at least once a day. I find it hard when my husband works from home because I hate it when he’s here but not helping me with the kids.

24. I had a security blanket until I was eight years old. I actually remember waking up one morning and realizing I didn’t need it anymore, so I packed it away. I still can’t believe my mother never took it away from me.

25. I wish I could see my brothers more often.

And as for family updates…the biggest news is that Brayden is now in a toddler bed. He’s been giving us endless grief at night for the past little while, and then yesterday he actually escaped from the crib when he was supposed to be napping (and ended up with a split lip). So we took down the crib and set up the toddler bed, which he LOVES. So things are better there.