Odds and Ends

This is a good day: Brayden actually slept all night (hasn’t happened in weeks, so we’re thrilled), the sun is out and the kids went to Grandma’s this morning. Thank God for Mondays. Actually, the whole weekend was pretty good. Chris and I went to a movie Friday night and the kids were in bed by the time we got home, so that was awesome — Brayden has been kind of tough to put to bed lately, so we were impressed that Uncle Greg got him down in minimal time. Saturday night was free family night at the rec centre, so we took the kids to the toddler play area to let them run around. It was total pandemonium in there, with a room full of toddlers riding bikes and climbing slides and parents everywhere trying to keep their kids from killing themselves or each other, but the boys seemed to have fun.

Justin’s birthday is only a few weeks away (he’s going to be four years old — that just blows my mind) but the snow refuses to disappear entirely, so I guess it’ll have to be an indoor party. Last year the snow was gone and we were out enjoying the yard by the end of February (I think, although I could be wrong) but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

I haven’t talked to my mom in over 10 days due to the fact that my parents are in the midst of a two-week cruise in the Caribbean. I normally talk to Mom almost every day, so I’m going into withdrawal. I’m not into tropical trips, so it’s not like I wish I could be there, but I do envy the fact that she got away on a holiday. Chris and I have plans to go to Orlando, but not until October, and only for a long weekend. Sigh.