March Madness

OK, so I didn’t write anything for Justin’s fourth birthday last week. (I did post pictures from his party, so I’m not a truly terrible mother.) I was a little nervous about trying to entertain six kids ranging from 15 months to six years old, but it all worked out pretty well. I did a Sesame Street theme (naturally) so I made a ball toss game using Elmo’s picture and a pin-the-nose-on-Elmo game, both of which Justin absolutely loved — to the point where he continued to play pin-the-nose even after his guests had gone home. I think everyone had a good time.

Mother Nature seems to be seriously disturbed these days. I was convinced that spring was here to stay, but we’re still getting a bit of snow every few days, and it’s pissing me off. I’ve never seen a winter this long, this cold or this snowy in the entire 10 years I’ve been in Kelowna (and yes, I know it’s a lot better here than in most of the rest of the country, but c’mon!) And yet I saw a bit in the news the other day about how the lower-than-normal snow pack is going to mean trouble for our water supply. I just don’t get it.

Spring break has begun, which simply means the activities we normally do are shut down for two weeks. Yay. That wouldn’t be such a problem if the weather would cooperate, but we’ll see how things go. Ho hum…