April Update

There have been lots of new developments in the Lee household lately. Justin has more or less figured out how to pedal his bike, he’s starting to read and he has FINALLY decided to learn how to use the potty (hooray!) The reading thing is largely a result of a phonics game he plays online (which he would play all day if I’d let him). It got him started sounding out words, and now he reads everything he sees. He even spells out words when he’s playing with his magnetic letters: dog, duck, jet, jump, Mom, Dad, Justin, hug…it goes on. We’re pretty impressed.

Brayden is turning two this coming Saturday — whew. He’s really into books these days, even the longer ones that he never used to sit through, although for some reason he absolutely refused to let anyone but me or Chris read to him when family was visiting this past weekend. He wants to do everything for himself (climb into his car seat, close the car door, put his cup in the fridge, turn off the TV) which still blows my mind because Justin would be quite content to let other people do everything for him for the rest of his life. At his two-year checkup Brayden was 34 inches tall and weighed 30 pounds, so he’s shorter but heavier than his big brother was. The story goes that a kid reaches half his adult height at age two, which would make Brayden 5′8″ as an adult — no giant, certainly, but still tall when you look at his family tree.

Speaking of family, my parents, my older brother and my sister-in-law were all here for the Easter weekend. We golfed a couple rounds, played plenty of board games and hung out with the kids — good stuff.

Time to rest (yawn)…