A Birthday for Brayden

Brayden is two years old today but we haven’t actually told him that — we’re doing the celebration with his grandparents tomorrow, so to avoid confusing him we’re just pretending that tomorrow is his big day. Chris spent the morning assembling the new full-size twin bed we bought, so we’ll see how he likes that. I suspect he’ll be thrilled to get a real big-boy bed (and perhaps even more thrilled that he’ll now be able to climb onto his windowsill if he so chooses…sigh). We also got him a little school bus, since that is his current obsession, although the one we bought is metal and I’m a little concerned that it’ll get smashed into walls and doors and so on. That one might have to be an outdoor toy.

So now I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old. Wow. That makes me sound so grown up.