DuckaDucka Dude

I keep meaning to record this for posterity cause it was just so darn cute. One of Brayden’s favorite books right now is If You’re Happy and You Know It, with different animals on each page doing the actions for the song. He wanted me to read it to him the other day but I was busy making dinner, so he plopped down on the kitchen floor and looked at it himself. I didn’t pay much attention at first, but when I tuned in I noticed he was actually “reading” the book:

BRAYDEN: Duckaduckaduckaduckaducka (claps his hands)
(turns the page)
Duckaduckaduckaduckaduckaduckaduckaducka (stomps his feet)
(turns the page)
Duckaduckaduckaduckaducka (roars like a lion)

You get the idea. If he ever gets some actual words that kid will have plenty to say.