The Latest On Us

So we survived another trip to Toon Town. Actually, we did more than survive; we had a pretty good time, and kudos to the kids for behaving remarkably well. Yes, there were hordes of relatives around at all times, but no one had any major meltdowns, and most nights everyone slept all right. Chris and I even managed to escape with Rob, Janette, Dave and Tanya for an evening, leaving Grandma and Grandpa to put the kids to bed, and that went just fine (hooray!) I was just starting to really enjoy myself right about the time we had to leave (sigh), but such is life.

Father’s Day kind of snuck up on me, but I did manage to find a DVD about Pearl Harbor and a Ken Follett novel that Chris seems to appreciate. We took the kids to the park this morning and got in just enough playtime before it started to rain; on the way home we picked up some takeout for lunch and I did all the cleanup (which would normally be Dad’s job). We’re off to my in-laws’ tonight for dinner and cake. I call that a good day.