Burning Up

Hell hath no heat like an Okanagan summer, I tell ya. The thermometer on our deck read 40 degrees last night even before I started the BBQ, and we were up to 44 by the time I finished cooking. It’s mighty warm. The good news is that all the fires are under control and we haven’t noticed significant smoke for quite a few days. We even had a couple serious rainstorms last week that helped cool things off a bit. But the heat is on once again. Thank God for air conditioning.

The long weekend is almost upon us, and that means my dad is coming for a visit. That means I get to go golfing, which is awesome. Sometimes it really bugs me that I live in a golfing paradise but have no one to golf with, since neither Chris nor any of my friends enjoy the game. So I’m looking forward to playing a few rounds. Chris and I are also celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this weekend, so I’m REALLY looking forward to an evening out with my hubby sans kids. Good stuff.