The Long and Short of It

The long weekend had lots of highlights, but I’m in need of a nap, so I’ll do this as a quickie list:

– My dad arrived Friday night, much to the delight of his grandsons. Justin took a minute or two to warm up to the new guy in the house, but then he and Brayden had a blast knocking Grandpa over and wrestling on the floor. Boys.

– Dad and I played two rounds of golf: the first was quite possibly the worst I’ve ever had, and the second was much improved. If I only had a golf buddy in town, I could get a lot more practice…but I’m not bitter.

– The fire across the lake flared up in a big way Saturday night, so we’ve been choking on smoke while we watch charred pine needles rain down on the house. Temperatures have cooled somewhat (we didn’t even break 30 yesterday, which is about 10 degrees down from what it had been) but still no rain, so who knows when things will calm down. I’m just thankful the flames are on the other side of the lake.

– We’ve had a wasp problem in our backyard, so we finally put out some “natural” traps, which are really just a plastic cage with some apple juice and sugar inside. Apparently wasps are not that bright, cause those traps get so full that we have to empty them every single night. There’s no way we had that many wasps in the yard. I’m convinced we’re importing them from other neighborhoods. Where are these things coming from?

– Chris and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on Monday by going out to dinner and a movie (I was pleased he ignored our rule about no gifts and bought me some roses — they’re beautiful!) Dinner was bad, but the movie was great, and we came home with the warm fuzzy feeling you’re supposed to get after a romantic comedy, so all was well. Uncle Greg came over to help Grandpa with the babysitting and I hear things were OK, although Brayden was not at all happy that Mom and Dad weren’t around for the bedtime routine. He was asleep when we got home, though, which was the main thing.

So that’s the story. This is technically a short workweek, but it feels pretty long to me, although that could just be holiday letdown. And on with the summer…