Silver Linings

Today is about thinking positive. I’m going to focus on the good things around me, cause there’s been way too much negativity lately and I refuse to wallow in that anymore. So what if Brayden doesn’t nap anymore and consistently wakes up at 5:30 a.m.? At least he goes down early at night. So what if the kids’ bickering often drives me insane? At least they’re off to Grandpa’s house this morning. So what if Justin has totally regressed in his potty training and Brayden isn’t making any progress with his speech? At least we’re not in Haiti.

See how I’m being upbeat?

Other good news: this has been one heck of a mild winter. There’s no snow and temperatures are consistently above zero. The sun has even come out a few times in the past week, which is usually my biggest concern at this time of year. In just 11 days we’re off to West Edmonton Mall with the kids, so that should be fun, and it’s a little over three months until we leave for our Mediterranean cruise. All good.