New Experiences

Our weekend at West Edmonton Mall went exceptionally well, far better than I’d dared to hope for. The boys enjoyed the waterpark, Galaxyland, the bowling alley (Justin), the sea life caverns (Brayden) and more…they even seemed to get a kick out of sharing a hotel room, so that was all good. Brayden didn’t even fight me when it came to putting him down for a nap, so yes, we were truly blessed. It was great having Mom, Dad and Rob along, too, cause there were lots of people to keep the kids entertained and the adjoining hotel rooms were amazing when it came to putting kids to bed and then sneaking away to visit and watch TV. A great trip!

Justin is getting excited about starting kindergarten this fall (people were camped out overnight for registration, but I won’t go into all the details here). I still find it hard to believe my son is almost ready for school. I’ve started putting gel in his hair to spike it in the front and it makes him look so much older. Can he really be turning five next month? Wow.

Brayden is sloooowly making progress with his speech, so that’s something to celebrate. We can now identify his words for Grandma, Grandpa, bubble, up, cup, combine (as in the farm machine), mommy, daddy, baby, bye bye, milk…it goes on. Not too many of them are clear, but we get what he’s saying. Being able to communicate better seems to have lowered his frustration level a bit, so that’s good for everybody.