On the Go

I know I said I like being busy, but this is getting to be a bit much, and it’s my own stupid fault. With kindergarten, preschool, Justin’s autism program, Brayden’s soccer and Justin’s gymnastics, our schedule was already pretty packed — and then I added twice-weekly swimming lessons for both boys (they’re in the same class at least, so we can call that multitasking). We haven’t done swimming lessons in almost two years, largely because Justin’s anxiety used to get in the way, but he’s about to become too old for the class he needs to take, so I figured we’d better try again. The lessons have gone really, really well so far — not so much in the sense of the kids learning to swim, but in the sense of the kids listening to the instructor and trying to follow along, so that’s a major step forward. So the boys are busy and loving it, and Chris and I are exhausted.

We’re also deeper in debt than we were a week ago because we just bought a minivan (a used Odyssey, so not new, but still a lot of money). We’ve been noticing that there are more and more situations in which the boys need to go in different directions at the same time, and my little Festiva is not the greatest car for hauling kids around, so we finally got a van. Chris was pushing for a sports sedan, but I think we all know that was his midlife crisis talking. At any rate, now he gets to drive the Accord instead of the Festiva (which we’re hoping to sell soon), so that’s a step up for him. And now I’m Minivan Mom. Huh.