Brain Drain

One of the main adjustments I’ve had to make since finding out about Justin’s Asperger’s is upping my patience level significantly when dealing with him. I’m sure every five-year-old asks a million questions, but it’s so exhausting to have to answer hundreds of queries about things that to me are blindingly obvious. I know that they’re not obvious to him, that he doesn’t just “get” things, so fine. But even a basic factual question often turns into a conversation like this:

JUSTIN: What day is it?
ME: Friday.
ME (slightly louder): It’s Friday.
JUSTIN: It’s Friday?
ME: Yes.
JUSTIN: Why is it Friday?

Note that in the above example, he said “what?” not because he didn’t hear me, but because it takes him a little longer to process my words, and “what?” is just a knee-jerk reaction. Half the time when he does that, I just repeat his own question back to him, and he already knows the answer. Argh.

I didn’t need the psychologist to tell me this kid is hyperverbal and hyperlexic (meaning he talks way too much and reads way more than he can understand). Words words words…