Moving Forward

I’m really going to miss it when Justin gets too old for his autism program next spring. For one thing, it’s a nice sanity saver, as it gets him out of the house three afternoons a week. More importantly, it’s teaching him to be more confident in social situations. Plus it’s amazing to be able to tell his team about a behavior problem (like how he wants to hug every little girl he sees, and how he constantly lies to me when I ask him simple questions) and have them work out a solution. Every parent should be so lucky. Too bad we have to deal with Brayden’s behavior problems all on our own.

Where the program has made the most difference is in Justin’s anxiety level. Things that used to freak him out are things he now takes in stride. He’s been doing really well at swimming lessons, gymnastics is going great (although that class is specifically for kids on the spectrum, so they’re expecting a few quirks), and he actually wore a Halloween costume (first time ever!) to TWO different parties on the same day and didn’t have a meltdown. He even went trick-or-treating with his dad and his brother. These might sound like insignificant things, but for him they’re major accomplishments. It’s good to see him making progress.

Brayden’s preschool teacher tells me he’s made progress, too. The copying has tapered off and he’s figured out how to play better with the other kids, so that’s good news. He’s also working on speaking more clearly, but that’ll take time. He’s growing up!