Quickie Getaway

We probably should’ve focused more on the “lest we forget” aspect of Remembrance Day, but instead we seized the opportunity to go to Vancouver for a quick trip. We drove to Langley yesterday afternoon, spent the night there, and then drove into the city to see the aquarium this morning. I couldn’t get over the deal at the hotel: an amazing waterslide/splash park for the kids, free parking, free breakfast, free Internet, and a room with a two separate bedrooms and TVs…all for $100. Nice. The kids shared a bed for the first time ever (usually I sleep with Brayden and Chris bunks with Justin), which went well, and Justin actually ate pizza at the aquarium (he normally won’t eat in restaurants other than McDonald’s) so we were super impressed. I thought we were in for some trouble cause I forgot to bring the boys’ iPods (ack!) but they never even missed them. Awesome.