A One-Day Getaway

Call us crazy, but we actually drove to Vancouver on the last day of the long weekend just to do Science World and catch the Lions-Blue Bombers game. (No, we didn’t drive back the same night — we’re not THAT crazy.) We spent one night in a hotel near the football stadium and then drove back super early the next day. None of us were thrilled when the alarm went off, but Justin had a 1:30 appointment we had to be back for, so we needed an early start.

Still, despite the two early mornings and the 10 hours of driving, it was a nice little getaway. Science World is always fun, and this time we even saw an Omnimax film about the building of the trans-Canada railway that was pretty interesting. I knew Justin would love the football game, given his current obsession with sports, but I thought it might be harder to keep Brayden entertained — but he surprised us all by really getting into the spirit of things, cheering when everyone else did and screaming his head off when the announcer told the crowd to make some noise. All good.

Adventures in Vancouver

Location: Langley, BC

It was another spectacularly successful day. We munched down the free breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Surrey to catch the SkyTrain downtown. We knew the kids would like the train — Justin was absolutely fascinated by the map of the stations and kept a running count of how many stops were left before we reached our destination. (When we finally got to Science World, Justin looked at a big sign advertising a Da Vinci exhibit and remarked, “Hey, that must be the Mona Lisa.” Which it was, but how he knew that is beyond me.)

Thanks to the fact that we have a membership to the Vernon science centre, we got FREE fast track entry into Science World (which was especially awesome considering how much time we spent standing in line at the aquarium yesterday).  Everywhere you looked there was some sort of giant interactive game demonstrating basic science principles. I’m not even into science, and I thought the place was pretty cool. Brayden had a field day at the special Lego Castle Adventure exhibit, where he got to build his own castle and marvel at life-size models of knights and dragons. We even saw a stage show about electricity, which took me back because it was almost exactly the same show I saw when my parents brought us here over 20 years ago. Wow. So Science World was three hours well spent.

Afterwards Chris took the boys back to the pool, and now we’re chilling in front of the TV before going for dinner. What a great weekend.

On the Road Again…

Location: Langley, BC

We had a few reasons for going to Vancouver this weekend: 1) we wanted to go in March but had to cancel due to bad weather; 2) Chris and I are about to leave the kids for 18 days and we figured we owed them a weekend away; and 3) we still want to get our money’s worth for the science centre membership we bought a couple months ago. So here we are.

Day one was a huge success: a gorgeous drive to Vancouver, three hours at the aquarium, supper at McDonald’s and plenty of time on the hotel waterslide. The kids were awake until 9 and still got up at 6 (sigh) but they did sleep all night, so I guess we can’t complain.

Today we’re planning to take the SkyTrain down to Science World. Stay tuned…

A 10-Hour Road Trip and Other Strange Behavior

Mamma Mia wasn’t the wondrous experience I was hoping for, but it was all right. We actually missed the first 20 minutes due to traffic woes, which was unfortunate (I could never live in Vancouver!) but at least we got to see most of it. Plus of course it was a full day without the kids, so that counts for something. But 10 hours of driving for a two-hour show…insane.

Sanity has been restored around here, however, since the kids are in summer camp this week and next. I’m enjoying having the chance to shop and run some errands that I’ve been putting off. I finally sold the rocking chair in Brayden’s room (a holdover from the baby days) and bought some shelving for him, so we finally have somewhere besides the floor to put his books and stuffed animals. I also bought bookshelves for Justin and ordered him an actual student desk so he doesn’t have to squeeze into the plastic picnic table he’s had in his room since he was two. That table is now in Brayden’s room, so everybody is upgrading. It looks awesome — like they’re so grown up!

Brayden's new room setupJustin has been difficult lately but his behavior consultant gave me some tips that should help, so we’ll see. The consultant is actually doing one-on-one sessions with Justin as well as sibling sessions with both boys, so I feel like we’re finally tackling some long-standing problems. What has emerged so far is that Justin’s biggest challenge is being flexible with his brother (and being a good sport when he loses a game); Brayden’s biggest challenge is staying on task. No surprises there. There are only two more sessions, so I might be hoping for a miracle here, but we’ll see what kind of progress we make.

Two weeks (and counting) until grade one begins…

Quickie Getaway

We probably should’ve focused more on the “lest we forget” aspect of Remembrance Day, but instead we seized the opportunity to go to Vancouver for a quick trip. We drove to Langley yesterday afternoon, spent the night there, and then drove into the city to see the aquarium this morning. I couldn’t get over the deal at the hotel: an amazing waterslide/splash park for the kids, free parking, free breakfast, free Internet, and a room with a two separate bedrooms and TVs…all for $100. Nice. The kids shared a bed for the first time ever (usually I sleep with Brayden and Chris bunks with Justin), which went well, and Justin actually ate pizza at the aquarium (he normally won’t eat in restaurants other than McDonald’s) so we were super impressed. I thought we were in for some trouble cause I forgot to bring the boys’ iPods (ack!) but they never even missed them. Awesome.