Adventures in Vancouver

Location: Langley, BC

It was another spectacularly successful day. We munched down the free breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Surrey to catch the SkyTrain downtown. We knew the kids would like the train — Justin was absolutely fascinated by the map of the stations and kept a running count of how many stops were left before we reached our destination. (When we finally got to Science World, Justin looked at a big sign advertising a Da Vinci exhibit and remarked, “Hey, that must be the Mona Lisa.” Which it was, but how he knew that is beyond me.)

Thanks to the fact that we have a membership to the Vernon science centre, we got FREE fast track entry into Science World (which was especially awesome considering how much time we spent standing in line at the aquarium yesterday).  Everywhere you looked there was some sort of giant interactive game demonstrating basic science principles. I’m not even into science, and I thought the place was pretty cool. Brayden had a field day at the special Lego Castle Adventure exhibit, where he got to build his own castle and marvel at life-size models of knights and dragons. We even saw a stage show about electricity, which took me back because it was almost exactly the same show I saw when my parents brought us here over 20 years ago. Wow. So Science World was three hours well spent.

Afterwards Chris took the boys back to the pool, and now we’re chilling in front of the TV before going for dinner. What a great weekend.