Gearing Up for Summer

Life has kicked into high gear around here lately. We’re hosting a neighborhood BBQ this weekend, next weekend is Chris’s birthday and the 24 Hour Relay, and the very next weekend we leave for Stockholm. Exciting stuff!

As the school year winds down, I’ve been busy sorting out what the boys are going to do this summer. Brayden will do the preschool summer camps again, but Justin is too old for those this year, so it’s a bit of a challenge trying to find activities to keep them both occupied. Justin is going to the Easter Seals camp, of course, plus I just signed him up for a science camp at the local college that I think he’ll love. I’m going to try to get him into another science camp (on quantum mechanics…not my thing, but he might enjoy it) in mid-August, and then we’ll just be counting down the days until they go back to school.

And going back to school will be extra special this fall because Brayden will finally start kindergarten! Having both boys at the same school for the same hours seems like a dream. I’ve applied for the full technical communication certificate program, so if I get into that I should be busy with courses for a year or so, and then I’ll start thinking about a career plan. I’m not in a hurry to go to work, but there’s much less of a cachet to being a stay-at-home mom if your kids aren’t actually home for most of the day. So we’ll see how things go.